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The Public Service Transformation Academy is at the forefront of introducing agile to the public services.


We are able to train your team in agile and accredit their practical use of the method. This gives you internal capacity to change and develop without having to depend on ‘big bang’ implementations that hurt performance.


Through Interactive training, online testing and practice based experiential learning you can become confident delivering projects in your workplace in a dynamic way.

Certified Agile Master – in public services

A 2 day interactive and practical course on Agile methodologies including Lean and Scrum Comprehensive learning in the fundamentals through to applicationFun and Varied environment with stimulating course materials and simulations


Certified Agile Grandmaster – in public services

After qualifying as an agile master you can progress onto become an agile grandmaster! This is a practical, evidence-based qualification. You will keep a record of your use of scrum and agile methods for six months, followed by a final assessment.

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