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There are a lot of good articles and books out there
for anyone looking to find out more about agile and how it can improve the adaptability of your organisation. We've listed some interesting resources here as a starting point. 

Blogs and articles

Article on how to move smoothly to agile


Ken Schwarber's blog. Read about scrum as described by one of its leading pioneers:


Gabrielle Benefield's blog on agile and lean thinking:


Blog from Jess Sutherland, creator of the first scrum team:


'Scrum: a breathtakingly brief and agile introduction'
A quick guide to scrums by Chris Sims and Hillary Louise Johnson


'Agile project management for busy managers'
by Tony Riches




Agile product ownership in a nutshell


Watch an agile project in action designing a 'futureproof car'


Dan Pink on the advantages of self-direction


Scrum in under ten minutes 

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